MARCH 27TH 2015
Rock A Ouaga festival
First participation at Rock a Ouaga festival with the previous line up. It was an exciting experience to play among greatly talented bands and musicians of Burkina Faso and around the world. We were so honored to be on stage with the immense guitarist Prince Bebe Bissongo!
JULY 12TH 2017
Live at Republic Bar and Grill OSU
Thanks to the prestigious REPUBLIC BAR & GRILL in Osu (Accra) for warmly welcoming ARKA’N for its first and unforgettable show in Ghana!
The Turning point concert of ARKA’N
We call that show THE ULTIMATE SHOW!! First time Arka’n experienced such a deep and powerful communion with the audience when talking about African values, power and dignity! That night Mr Max came to meet tjhe band and it was the beginning of a nice adventure!
First Concert at Alliance Française Accra
Thanks to Alliance Française d’Accra and the wonderful audience for the great and powerful moment we had together on September 22nd! Such positive vibes won’t be forgotten!!
MARCH 23RD 2018
First concert at French Institute of Togo
A memorable show which increased the recognition of Arka’n and its unique Asrafocore music style!
Working on a New Video
Tears of the Dead, a very committed and spiritual rebel song, a profound prayer against the oppression and the killing of innocent children in the country.
Release of Zankeli, first Arka’n album!!
Finally it’s there, first ARKA’N album is out. Zan Keli is born!!
MARCH 2ND 2019
Release party at Mix Bar
Great show, great moments! we are thankful to the friendly and responsive audience who made us deliver a happy performance!!
APRIL 30TH 2019
Rock A Ouaga Festival
Third participation of Arka’n at Rock à Ouaga. Once again Arka’n had the honor to beautifully end the festival. Many thanks to Bruno Goulois and all the Festival team! Great moments!
JULY 18TH 2019
Releasing Tears of the Dead video clip
Listen to the wind moaning through the trees
Listen to the rustling leaves
Listen to the ancient drums pounding from the underworld
Listen to the cry of the disembodied tear the forest down
They are heading somewhere..
They are heeding the call…
JULY 20TH 2019
Zan Keli show at Alliance Française of Accra
Second Arka’n show at Alliance Française of Accra with guest artists Jahwi and Illashaz. Versatile fusion of reggae, hip hop, dance hall and rock.
JULY 30TH 2019
Panafest 2019
Arka’n performs at the huge Panafest festival in Cape Coast, Ghana.
African Rock Celebration: ARKA’N – DARK SUBURB
Arka’n invites their brothers from Ghana, Dark Suburb rock band, for an unforgettable show in Lomé.
ARKA’N show at Institut Français de Cotonou
Arka’n first performance at Institut français de Cotonou. Important event that brought a major exposure to the band in Benin and internationally.

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