ROCK AHAVI (guitar and lead vocal)

Strongly influenced by Jimi Hendrix and G3, Rock decides to dedicate his life to music as early as 2003. His musical knowledge grows as he plays in different bands and in countless music venues. He starts penning his own compositions as he embraces a hard and metal style greatly inspired by his African environment. In 2013, once back from a trip to China with the tradi-modern Togolese band Akpassiapa, he sets on forming his own band which he will name Arka’n. In 2016, the band takes a new turn with a brand new line-up.


Francis was spotted and greatly wanted by several bands during a music contest organized by the Université de Lomé orchestra, first as a guitarist, then as a bass player. As such, for many years, he then plays for several reggae bands and gains experience on a national and international scene. He eventually decides to focus solely on rock music, his musical genre and becomes a member of Arka’n in 2016. More than a bass player, he is regarded as the band’s “Big Brother” as he adds a touch of strength and wisdom to the group.


Rock music has always been a passion Richard could not fully live when he started playing music, as he essentially dedicated his skills to pop and church music. Then, upon meeting Francis in 2014, he joined the band “Rock On” and started covering rock and roll classics. The band ended in 2016 and he was then chosen to become Arka’n’s drummer.. a choice which has enabled his skills to develop dramatically.

MASS AHOLOU (african percussions)

Upon visiting Hardanger Music, the studio where Arka’n records its music, Mass was rapidly driven into the band’s universe and decided to join it since it was also in great need of a percussionist. He embodies the tribal and mystic dimension of the band as he profoundly masters many traditional instruments and deeply authentic African chants.

ENRICO AHAVI (rap and keyboards)

Rap is his strong foot. He discovers Linkin Park through his brother Rock, and is drawn to the rap-rock metal style.He then sets up the band H. Weapons to which Rock adds guitar skills. They collaborate on numerous tracks which will become both Arka’n and H.Weapons creations. He then joins the present Arka’n line-up after Rock’s invitation to add his nervous rap and keyboard talent to the band’s music.

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