The band’s originality stems from their music, “Asrafo-core” which is a fusion of hard rock/metal and African mystic and warrior music.
In spite of rock music not being highly promoted in Togo, since 2010, under the determined leadership of Rock Ahavi, ARKA’N has paved its way on the Togolese music scene as an impressive hard rock metal band which creates, records and performs its own songs deriving their particular sound from the intense African character of their compositions.
As such, ARKA’N seeks to promote values they hold dear: pride in African wisdom, tradition, faith, fighting spirit, so as to better expose social issues and call for solutions inspired by spiritual ideals.
The band is composed of Rock AHAVI (guitar and lead vocal), Francis AMEVO (bass), Richard CICO (drums), Mass AHOLOU (African percussions) et Enrico AHAVI (rap and keyboard).
Attending an ARKA’N concert gives proof that the African metal scene keeps growing and is worth discovering.
ARKA’N propose un style nommé “Asrafo-core”, une fusion parfaite alliant Heavy Metal et percussions des chants guerriers traditionnels de l’Afrique profonde.
ARKA’N vous fait découvrir ses compositions originales et puissantes du groupe constitué par Rock AHAVI (guitare et voix lead), Francis AMEVO (basse), Richard CICO (batterie), Mass AHOLOU (percussions africaines) et Enrico AHAVI (rap et clavier).
Énergie scénique survoltée, ambiance festive, musique puissante soutenant des messages célébrant haut et fort les grandes valeurs porteuses d’avenir, ces valeurs qui ont longtemps fait la majesté et la lumière du Continent Noir.

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